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South Florida Fosters is dedicated to finding and supporting foster families in South Florida.  Our mission is to provide better outcomes for children in foster care, through the support, education and empowerment of those who care for them.  We create safe and loving homes where children not only heal from their trauma, but where they thrive.

Our program services aim to ensure safe, loving foster families are available to meet the diverse needs of abused and neglected children.  At South Florida Fosters, we equip foster families to have the tools and parenting techniques required to successfully parent a trauma exposed child.  We mentor foster families throughout their entire journey as a foster parent, from the licensing process, all the way through to case management and court room processes.   We increase the number of foster families through not only the recruitment process but also in decreasing attrition rates through our on-going support which ensures their success.

All our services are free. No matter where you are in the process or what agency you are working with, South Florida Fosters is here for you.  Call us at (786)281-7720 or email us at info@sffapa.org for more information.