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The SFFAPA provides monthly in-service training for the continuing education of foster parents.  We equip foster parents with the knowledge they need to support their children with instruction on topics such as: Parenting trauma-exposed children, effective co-parenting with biological parents, understanding of the dependency system, benefits of open adoptions and foster parent rights and advocacy.  SFFAPA’s past guest speakers/trainers include Judges, behavioral therapists, experts in child-trauma, case management agencies, Florida Foster Care Review and many more.  In the past year, SFFAPA awarded over 1400 continuing education credits to foster parents which are required for their re-licensing.

SFFAPA believes that the only way for our most vulnerable children to thrive and grow up in safe and healthy environments is to educate and support the foster parents. These foster parents have decided to make an unwavering and unconditional commitment to care for the children during the time they are placed in these homes. Loving is the easy part. Navigating through the loops and hurdles of the dependency system, accessing services for the children placed in their homes and how to appropriately advocate for those children is the hard part. The SFFAPA currently oversees a foster parent peer advocate program in which seasoned foster parents provide support to newly licensed foster families. This support includes guidance on everything from how to parent trauma-exposed children, to walking beside foster parents throughout the legal process and courtroom proceeding.

SFFAPA believes that experienced foster parents can provide newly licensed foster parents with an in-depth view of the Child Welfare System and help develop “quality” foster parents that can professionally and appropriately advocate for the children in their homes. Empowering foster families not only has a positive impact in retaining and recruiting foster parents but also creates more positive outcomes for the children in their homes. If you are interested in being matched with a foster parent peer advocate or would like more information about the program please email or contact Yani Sanchez, SFFAPA’s Foster Parent Peer Advocate Program Director at [email protected] or 305.206.9061.

We facilitate ongoing adoption support groups as well as continue to mentor families post-adoption.   SFFAPA gives assistance throughout the adoption process such as completing adoption applications, adoption subsidy negotiations and post adoption community resources.

Our adoption services are funded by an innovation grant from the Children’s Trust.









Through the kindness of both individuals and other community organizations, SFFAPA organizes events such as our Annual Back to School Backpacks and Supply Drive, Thanksgiving Potluck, Holiday Toy Drive and other fun activities (Art Thyme Painting and Trampoline High) for our children, who without our support, would typically not have these opportunities.

For more information contact Minette at telephone number 786-683-0032 or [email protected]


Most foster children who arrive at our homes come with only the clothes on their backs.  Typically, families receive no immediate funding to provide for their needs.  So we maintain a clothing closet with gently-used clothes so that parents can access this storage unit at a moment’s notice.

If you are interested in donating, please contact Ivette at [email protected]

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